S.R. Wild

Pyramid Brewing Co.

Screenshot of the Pyramid Brewing Co. website with a photo of a man from behind holding a can of beer with a campfire in the background.

I redesigned the Pyramid Brewing Co. website starting in late Spring of 2020 and launching in early summer. They had redesigned all their packaging and branding and needed a new site to replace the old one I did in 2017. The timeline was tight, there was a pandemic, I was working by myself with 20 other projects on my plate, but I pulled it off.

This was my first real project using Eleventy, an amazing static site generator. Oh my, do I love Eleventy. The previous site was made with Jekyll, which is great too. Eleventy is a JavaScript alternative to the Ruby-based Jekyll.

Update December 2020: I no longer work there, so the link to the web site is to the deploy preview of my last pull request.