S.R. Wild


My name is Scott Wild. Also known as S.R. Wild because it sounded cool when my friend said it many years ago. You can call me Scott unless you make a joke about my last name or spell it with an E.

I’m a Web Designeloper. Sure, that works. Web Designer or Front-End Web Developer also works. I never know what to call myself. I make web stuff (not much of that stuff on this site, I’m working on it). I enjoy it and it supports my little world. I used to mostly make print stuff, starting around the year 2000. I made stuff for magazines, movies, beer, fitness… videos… all sorts of stuff. About six years ago I switched to making mostly stuff on the World Wide Web. I make other stuff too. I like making stuff. I need to make stuff.

If someone asked what my aesthetic is I’d say…

A coffee stain that went to art school, dried up into fine powder, then blew under a 50 ton press. Under the intense pressure it magically formed into a transistor and joined other electronic bits to throw squares at windows.

Then, I’d tell them about my cats. The conversation might end in awkward silence or we’d spend hours sharing cats photos.

I live in Burlington, VT with my comedy and criminology writer girlfriend, two of the greatest long-haired cats in the world, and a judgmental tortoise. Both of our cats have FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). Cats with FIV can live normal lives with a little bit of extra care. See for yourself. Please adopt, don’t shop and consider the less adoptable ones.

In my free time I ride and fix motorcycles and mopeds. I like to get my hand dirty and not look at a screen. I once attempted to ride a moped from Seattle, WA to San Diego, CA. It was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done. I also rode my motorcycle with a suitcase full of collages strapped to the back from Burlington, VT to Portsmouth, NH and back home with a broken rib. I love a challenge.