S.R. Wild

Generative Glyph Art

Glyphs from Recursive typeface scattered with various sizes, colors, and opacity.

Inspired by Chris Coyier’s article Let’s Make Generative Art We Can Export to SVG and PNG and the print “50 Shades of Blue” by P22 Type Foundry, I made a pen that generates random patterns using Recursive by Arrow Type.

I made this in a couple hours in the morning on my birthday. I was in a rut and hadn’t made anything not work related in a long time. I don’t know what it was about the combination of reading the article and seeing P22’s print on Instagram that struck me.

This pen works best viewing it on CodePen, instead of the small frame below.

See the Pen Generative Glyph Art by S.R. Wild (@srwild) on CodePen.