S.R. Wild

CodePen: Variable Chunklet

To better understand variable fonts, I’ve been experimenting with making them and, for extra fun, animating them. The typeface I designed is called Chunklet. I love slab serifs and I wanted to make my own. It is a work in progress and may never be finished. It’s an exercise. When I started working on it it was a single weight. I soon realized it could be a variable font so I went for it. I’m still figuring things out but I’m learning.

I used Glyphs to make the typeface. I then converted the font file to base64 to plop it in the CSS so I didn’t have to upload it as an asset. Converting to base64 is less difficult than I thought it would be. I ran the command base64 [inputfile] [outputfile] and that was it.

See the Pen Variable Chunklet by S.R. Wild (@srwild) on CodePen.