S.R. Wild

End Credits

Screenshot of text that looks like movie end credits. Cream of Corn. Directed by: Marge Longskin, Written by: Sally Peeps, Director of Photography: Benjarmin Külksteedér, Executive Producer: Filbert Montery. Cast, Carol: Jane Closter, Jimmy Stickbürger: George Farmstand, Steweart Pinkbelly: Ed “Singin’ Ed” Butters.

I always wanted to make end credits in CSS and HTML to use for the colophon on this site. At the time, I was still redesigning my site for 77th time and I wanted to rough something out. CodePen is great for trying things out. It’s like a sketchbook for code.

See the Pen End Credits by S.R. Wild (@srwild) on CodePen.