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The Death of Instant Photographic Gratification


S.R. Wild and Miss Cherry, Montréal photobooth, 2004

S.R. Wild and Miss Cherry, Montréal photobooth, 2004

Last week, Polaroid announced they are going to stop making instant film once they manufacture enough to last through 2009. I better stock up for my Visitor Polaroid Project.

I read about it this morning in an article in Seven Days about a Vermont photographer’s book and exhibit on photobooths. I’ve written about my love for photobooths on this blog before, so I was excited to read this article. I’d like to get a copy of the book, American Photobooth and I’m definitely going to check out the exhibit at the Pine Street Art Works this weekend.


I purchased a copy of American Photobooth this evening. Only one copy was left and it was softcover — S.R. Wild wins! Yes, I would’ve preferred to buy from an independent bookstore, but I had a coupon and I’m poor these days.

I haven’t looked at it yet. I’m looking forward to cracking it open before I go to sleep tonight. Hopefully I won’t fall asleep in my studio at 4 o’clock in the morning like last Friday. I’m also looking forward to seeing the exhibit at Pine Street Art Works tomorrow. If anyone is interested in joining me, don’t hesitate to contact me. Of course, anyone reading this is too far away.


  • DeeDubya said 2351 days ago:

    This is sad. The world of photography is going the same way as the library, noting actually exists apart from on hard drives or in digital form. If there is some major catastrophy history for this ear will be lost forever.

  • j=nelle said 2350 days ago:

    Keegan’s so pretty!
    You are too!

  • S.R. Wild said 2349 days ago:

    I’m pretty!?

    DeeDubya, yes, it is very sad. These days, the only thing humans are doing that actually exists is destroying this planet.

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