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Jigging the Challenge


Jigging Out of the Gutter

This lovely new piece is made from bits of metal I’ve found on the ground over the past five or so years, spray paint, and a piece of wood from a dresser that Undead Molly beat the shit out of with a crowbar. It is currently on display at The Rose Street Gallery (78 Rose St., Burlington, VT) as part of the ArtPM Challenge.

The challenge was to create four new works during February. I’m hoping to keep up that pace every month because I plan to enter every show I hear about.

I haven’t quite figured out what to call work like this. I need to think of something because I’m working on a series of work like this. Assemblage is too vague and mixed media is a cop-out. Robert Rauschenberg called his hybrid of painting and sculpture “Combines,” but there isn’t much painting involved in mine. Plus, I’d sound like a fanboy. Any suggestions would be much appreciated by the management of S.R. Wild Industries LLC. If I use your suggestion, I’ll send you something real nice in the mail, the analog kind that you have to out of your chair to check.

While working on the background, I accidentally created a Rothko. I really don’t like Rothko.

Accidental Rothko

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