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Jigging the Challenge


Jigging Out of the Gutter

This lovely new piece is made from bits of metal I’ve found on the ground over the past five or so years, spray paint, and a piece of wood from a dresser that Undead Molly beat the shit out of with a crowbar. It is currently on display at The Rose Street Gallery (78 Rose St., Burlington, VT) as part of the ArtPM Challenge.

The challenge was to create four new works during February. I’m hoping to keep up that pace every month because I plan to enter every show I hear about.

I haven’t quite figured out what to call work like this. I need to think of something because I’m working on a series of work like this. Assemblage is too vague and mixed media is a cop-out. Robert Rauschenberg called his hybrid of painting and sculpture “Combines,” but there isn’t much painting involved in mine. Plus, I’d sound like a fanboy. Any suggestions would be much appreciated by the management of S.R. Wild Industries LLC. If I use your suggestion, I’ll send you something real nice in the mail, the analog kind that you have to out of your chair to check.

While working on the background, I accidentally created a Rothko. I really don’t like Rothko.

Accidental Rothko

Have a Good Weekend


You need a flash player to see this movie.

Best Worst Poster


Best Worst Movie and Troll 2 Poster

Here’s a poster I did the other day (with the help of Undead Molly for Best Worst Movie and Troll 2 double feature at this year’s Vermont International Film Festival this Halloween. It should be fun. There’s a costume contest too. I’ll be there all dressed up.

My Swollen Biscuit Snatcher


swollen hands

Tuesday evening Magpie and Victor were sitting on the couch, staring at each other and growling. Rather than watch a cat brawl with horrible screaming that still startles me, I decided to diffuse the situation by moving one of the cats. I chose Magpie. When I tried to pick her up she freaked out and started clawing and bitting me. I got a few scratches and her tooth or claw punctured a small hole in my palm. After the fur settled, Undead Molly kindly helped me dress my wounds with peroxide and bandages with cartoon characters on them.

Everything was fine until yesterday afternoon when that tiny puncture on my palm started to bother me. It was sore, swollen, and red — rubbing it on the desk as I moved my mouse probably didn’t help. Things got worse as the day went on. I slept, or tried to sleep, with an ice pack on it last night, which helped a little. Magpie slept on top of me all night: a furry, purry, warm pack. When I woke up this morning it was really swollen and I couldn’t use it at all (it looked sort of green too). Plus, it really hurt — my whole arm hurt. My hand was just a throbbing, puffy claw.

swollen hand

I decided not to go to work this morning (I felt like an idiot calling in sick because my hand hurt from a cat scratch). I needed to take care of my paw before it got worse. Besides, I would have been useless: I was sleep deprived and only had the use of my left hand (I’m right-handed). I thought about going to the Emergency Room but I was able to get an appointment with a doctor.

As the doctor was looking at my inflated hand, red streaks started to appear up my arm, a sign of a bad infection. I was given an injection of some super antibiotic in my right butt cheek and sent home with some enormous antibiotic pills.

swollen hands

I’m exhausted, cranky, nauseous, my head is pounding, and my hand really fucking hurts. It’s more swollen now than when these photos were taken. I wish I had started taken photos last night so I could make a movie. Typing with one hand is a bit annoying too. I could be mad at Magpie (she’s sleeping at my feet as I slowly type this) for putting me through all this, but how can I be mad at a face like this…


I Got Laid Off



That’s right folks, I am unemployed again. Last Friday morning my bosses asked me to come up to the conference room. I thought I was in trouble for talking about inappropriate things at work (bestiality, necrophilia, parasites, whether or not a gerbil went up Richard Geer’s rectum, etc.). After I sat down one of my bosses got to the point, which I appreciate, and said they had to let me go. I thought it was a joke at first, but no one was laughing and both of them looked very serious. We shook hands, I went back downstairs, said goodbye and hugged a few people, then went home.

When I got home I immediately called and emailed almost everyone I know to see if I could find some work. I was in shock, so I was in a good mood because it hadn’t hit me yet. Late Saturday evening it finally hit me and I felt like shit. I drove around in the rain for a bit and then went to bed. I slept in really late the next morning. I felt much better when I finally woke up. Ever since then I’ve just been staying busy to stave off boredom.


It’s weird, two years ago to the day I was laid off from my last job. Luckily, I’m in better shape than last time: I’m not alone, I have a better network of friends and colleagues, my living expenses will be going down soon, I have a better idea of what I want to do, and having been laid off before I know the routine.

This time I wasn’t laid off because some ass clown spammed a bunch of MySpace users, was caught, and slapped with a multi-million dollar lawsuit that drove the parent company I worked for out of business. No, I was laid off for the same reason everyone many others have been: the economy sucks and times are tough. The way things looked I knew someone was going to be laid off, but I didn’t think I’d be the first to go. (One of my coworkers, the newest designer they hired, was also let go a few minutes after me). I wish I knew more about the economy, but I failed economics in high school (by a fraction of a point), which prevented me from getting a diploma and is why I have a GED (Good Enough Degree).


I don’t know what I’m going to do, other than go on unemployment. I’l figure something out. For now, I’m just going to enjoy my vacation and not panic. The last time I was laid off turned out to be a good thing because I was burnt out and needed a change. Maybe this time will be a good thing too and I’ll finally find my dream job: working for myself doing odd jobs and ditch that annoying zombie routine of working from nine to five in an office. I know being a free agent is tough and unpredictable, but I think I’d like it. I’d be able to spend more time with Magpie.

In the meantime, if you or someone you know has any work that I’d be interested in, please contact me.

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Maple Syrup Sold Here

I found this sign a few years ago when I was working in Richmond, VT and I finally snapped a photo of it last weekend. If you don’t get it, you don’t have a twelve-year-old’s sense of humor like I do.

I'm Still Alive


I see it’s been quite some time since I posted something on this damn blog. According to my calculations it’s been almost two months. Where have I been? Jail? A mental institution? Dead? In a coma? I’m sorry, I can’t tell you because it’s classified. All I can say is a lot has changed recently, which is a very good thing. My world has been turned inside out and upside down.

Here are some pictures from my mobile phone.

Urban Torsos
culvert shadow

I found this note on a sidewalk in Ottawa:

Click to enlarge

(click the image for a more legible version)

I’ll write more later — in a month or two.